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Press & Media Coverage 2013

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“Canada’s largest Latin-American film festival, a 10-day event with more than 70 often cutting-edge works, lively parties, and the backing of all three levels of government.”
Globe and Mail, March 21, 2013.
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“ALUCINE: Now in its 13th year, aluCine showcases new works by filmmakers and artists working in Latin America, Canada and just about anywhere else”
Toronto Star, Oct 24, 2013.
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“La Playa D.C., strong start to aluCine fest…making his feature debut, director Juan Andrés Arango displays a great eye for detail and a fondness for the realist aesthetic perfected by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne over the past decade; it’s no surprise that La Playa D.C. was selected for Cannes’s Un Certain Regard program last year.”
Now Magazine, March 2013.
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“Now entering its 13th year, the celebration of Latin, Brazilian, and Afro-Latino culture focuses on way more than just films and prominently features some pretty great short filmmaking.” – Dork Shelf, March 19, 2013 View PDF
“If you’re looking to expand your cultural knowledge of Latin America, look no further than the aluCine Festival. This showcase of all things Latin American features a wide variety of events, including film screenings, art installations, and workshops”
Torontoist, March, 2013.
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“Gala de apertura del Alucine con el director colombiano Juan Andrés Arango”
Toronto Hispano. March 2013.
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“AluCine es uno de los principales festivales del artes mediáticas latinas en Norteamérica y se inicia este 21 de marzo.”- Toronto Hispano, March 2013. View PDF
“aluCine provides a bounty of flavours that will heat up Toronto during the chilly month of March with a festive explosion of Latin American culture”
Alternavox, March 18, 2013
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“aluCine creates platforms of communication aimed at fostering a critical makers, media artists, curators and audiences in Canada, LatinAmerica and the world through screenings, touring exhibitions, installations, talks and workshops”
Hispanos En Canada TV, March 4, 2013
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“aluCine Latin Film & Media Arts Festival is pleased to announce that Juan Andrés Arango’s La Playa D.C. will make its Canadian premiere when it opens the thirteenth annual film programme of the multi-disciplinary festival”
FILMButton, March 15th, 2013.
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Raúl Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet estrenan Mariposa Memoria Ancestral en aluCine 2013. – Cañasanta, March 15, 2013. View PDF
“Focusing on the extraordinary diversity found in works by Latino-Canadian artists and artists from the Latin diaspora, the aluCine Toronto Latin Media Festival has been taking place in Toronto annually since 1995. Alucine is the longest-running Latin film festival in Canada, providing a voice for numerous filmmakers who would otherwise go unheard. For the last thirteen years, aluCine has helped to establish contact between LatinAmerican filmmakers living in Latin America and those residing in Canada.”
Dos Mundos, March 2013.
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“In addition to celebrating new talents like Arango, the festival’s organizers are also spotlighting the work of more established filmmakers. They will, among other things, be mounting a retrospective of the experimental shorts of Raul Ferrera – Balanquet, which span both video art and dramatic monologue, slipping with ease from Spanish to English. The films, made over the course of more than two decades (up to and including 2013′s Mariposa Ancestral Memory), interrogate the filmmaker’s complex history as a queer Cuban exile and political radical. They’re performance pieces, set to a mixture of archival footage and interviews.” – Torontoist, March 25, 2013. View PDF
“LIFT co-presents the Diversidad program at the 2013 aluCine Toronto Latin Film + Media Arts Festival” – LIFT, March 20, 2013 View PDF
“The 13th aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival opens tonight with the unveiling of Juan Si Gonzalez’s Stay-at-Home Dad multimedia installation at the Toronto Free Gallery ” – Chino Kino, March 21, 2013 View PDF
“This rich program made by Afro-Brazilian filmmakers is simultaneously a testament to the creative potential of the Afro population of Brazil and to the forces that deny their realization. Inevitably, all the films we have selected highlight racism (both explicit and active) intolerance, and latent issues such as the prejudicial and homogeneous nature of mainstream beauty standards in Brazil.” – Moira Toledo. Uma Nota, March 25, 2013. View PDF
“In all of its endeavors, aluCine strives to transgress aesthetic, ideological and geographical borders and to transcend pre-established notions of representation as they pertain to Latin American culture in Canada.”
Art & Culture Maven, March 15, 2013
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“aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival launches Paso-A-Paso, a youth program directed towards Latino/a and Aboriginal communities starting in February 2013 […]. Through the program we hope to increase the support for emerging Latino/a and Aboriginal artists and provide them with new skills for a means of self-expression and creation.” – Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, Winter 2013. View PDF
“Every year aluCine features unique programming reflecting a broad range of issues, identities and currents from Latin-America, Canada and abroad”
Steam Whistle Brewing, 2013.
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Gala de apertura del Alucine con el director colombiano Juan Andrés Arango
Toronto Hispano, 2013.
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“Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet – one of the most acclaimed artist, writer, curator and scholars from the Mariel Generation, which included artists and writers such as Reinaldo Arenas, Juan Boza and Carlos Alfonzo – screens two videos at the Alucine Latin Film & Media Arts Festival in Toronto – Mariposa Ancestral Memory, Ebbo for Elegua, and Cities of Lust.” – Fab Magazine, March 27, 2013. View PDF
Katie Chats about aluCine. Katie Chats YouTube, March 2013. View PDF
Brazil Film Fest is proud to co-present the Afro-Brazilian Fiction Programme at the 13th edition of AluCine Latin Film & Media Arts Festival, Thu, Mar 28
Brazil Film Fest, March 18, 2013.
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aluCine to spotlight Afro Latino Culture – Hye’s Musings, March 2013. View PDF
Short For Shorties I and II
Kiddos Magazine: English and Spanish Children’s Magazine, March 2013.
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“aluCine crea plataformas de comunicación encaminadas a fomentar un discurso crítico entre directores de cine, artistas mediáticos, curadores y el público en Canadá, Latinoamérica y el mundo a través de proyecciones, exposiciones itinerantes, instalaciones, presentaciones, charlas con artistas y talleres.”
Diálogos, March 15, 2013.
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